About Us
MyAdMarket at a Glance

Who We Are

MyAdMarket is an all-in-one Ad Serving platform that offers everything Ad Serving, advertisers, and affiliates need to run a successful digital marketing business.

Our System

The MyAdMarket Ad Serving platform is built to emphasize security and gives your business space to grow. There is no limit to the amount of clients you can add to the system, making MyAdMarket an easy and affordable option for scaling your ad business. Our system uses 3rd party anti-fraud and brand safe services to keep all partners in MyAdMarket protected, and our innovative ad media exchange and traffic quality index keeps our clients ahead of the curve.

Our Mission

We're here to help you scale your business easily, and run your digital ad business effectively. MyAdMarket is dedicated to providing a secure and trusted platform where advertisers, affiliates, and Ad Serving can buy and sell traffic worry-free and with ease.

Our Company

MyAdMarket was created by our parent company, Yesup Media Inc. Yesup has invested over a million dollars since 2013 to develop a unified, clear, and easy-to-use platform. MyAdMarket was created to offer everything an Ad Serving would need: real-time data, easy optimization, quality-scored traffic, and targeting options across email, mobile, video, and web browsers. MyAdMarket is headquartered in Toronto, Canada.