Exchange Adverisement & Traffic With Other MyAdMarket's Partners

Private Ad Exchange
in Ad Serving Platform

Networks can easily find and connect with Ad Buyers or Ad Sellers

ad media exchange

Ad Media Exchange

If your network has too many or too few traffic sources, buy or sell extra traffic right on the MyAdMarket platform! Connect with other networks via our easy ad exchange feature.

Own Your Relationships

Link with Ad Buyers and/or Ad Sellers hassle-free right on the MyAdMarket platform.

Electronic Insertion Order

Easy centralized payment/receipt with all Ad Buyers and Ad Sellers.

Gain Maximum Efficiency

Import offers through 3rd party systems within one platform.

Media Partners

Affiliates in the AMX are pre-integrated, you can work conveniently with other Media Partner's affiliates.

Click and Partner

All the action you need to create a partnership is a simple click. MyAdMarket does all the integration needed to start a partnership with other Media Partners.

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