Cross-Device Tracking gives you a complete picture

Cross-Device Tracking
gives you a complete picture

Track, analyze and optimize all campaigns from different devices on one platform

Cross Device Tracking

Cross-Device Tracking

Track and measure ad delivery to understand visitor engagement and actions, and unlock insights about your audience.

Tracking Flexibility

Track all digital media channels (search, email, display, affiliate, etc.).

Impression Accuracy

Impression tracking accurately displayed matched with campaign targetings.

Mobile Tracking

Track conversions and actions on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

Cross-Device Tracking

Can’t tell how your customers are interacting with your brand or product across different devices? Dive deeper into your analytics and optimize your media spending.

Conversion De-duplication

MyAdMarket filters and ensures only one source is credited without any duplication on paid conversion, protecting you from overpaying.

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