Ad Platform Features Overview

Every built-in feature included
for powerful Ad Serving performance

All Major Banner Types Creatives support a wide variety of formats, including: jpg, gif, png, swf, dynamic html.
Standard Banner Sizes Most popular and standard banner sizes are supported. Supports all IAB standard sizes, including full banners, half banners, leadboards, sky scrapers, buttons.
Custom Banner Sizes Supports custom banner sizes.
Popup/ Popunder Popup and popunder available with most cost metrics campaigns.
Rich Media (Flash, JS, etc.) Supports rich media such as Flash, JS, etc..
3rd Party Plugin Configure with Google reCAPTCHA to enhance your application's function.
IP Blocking Option to block specific IP or IP range from either the Advertiser level or Campaign level.
Advertiser/Affiliate Blocking Option to block Affiliates from Advertiser or Campaign levels; block Advertisers from Affiliate or Site levels.
Campaign/Site Blocking Option to block Sites from Advertiser or Campaign levels; block Campaigns from Affiliate or Site levels.
Hourly Impression Cap Cap to set maximum number of impressions shown within a hour.
Daily Conversion Cap Cap to stop traffic to campaign when the daily conversion cap is met.
Site Conversion Cap Cap to stop traffic to campaign from specific site for the day, when conversion cap is met.
Impression Per IP Cap Maximum impression per IP within the set amount of time.
Geographical Allows targeting to over 240 countries worldwide.
Device Allows targeting to multiple device types or an isolated device type.
Hardware Allow targeting to multiple hardware types or an isolated device type.
Language Allow targeting to all languages or specific languages such as English, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, German, Arabic, French, Russian, or Korean.
Operating System Allow targeting to any mobile or desktop OS.
Browser Allow targeting to all, multiple, or specific browser types.
ISP Allow targeting or untargeting to specific ISP. Target or untarget specific carriers for carrier- specific campaigns.
Advertisers Cost Metrics Option to set the minimum price for each cost metric that Advertisers set for their campaign.
Payment Method Option to set preferred payment methods.
Affiliate Payout Option to set Affiliate revenue share rate, cost metrics, referral commission percentage, minimum payout rate, and all other default affiliate payment settings for new Affiliates.
Traffic Control Option to set default traffic reservation, threshold control, optimize blocking for new campaigns.
Advertiser Privileges Control or restrict any functions that advertisers can have access to from their Advertiser member area.
Client Verification Option to set verification level for new Advertisers/Affiliates, before they have access to client area.
Admin Role Privilege Network owners have the ability to give/take access within the platform for particular inhouse users. (Example: Assign user 1111 with publisher account manager role and access to publisher related matters, but no access to billing.)
System Minimum Price Option to set Network's system minimum price per cost metric. Rates in AMX cannot be lower than the network's system minimum price.
Image Pixel MyAdMarket can track conversions via Image Pixel codes. Image Pixels are provided in the Advertiser and Campaign area.
Server to Server MyAdMarket can track conversions via Server to Server Postback URL. Server to server tracking is supported for both Advertisers and Affiliates.
SDK MyAdMarket can track conversions via SDK for mobile apps only.
Server IP Whitelisting
Option to enter Advertiser's server IP(s) for security and guarantee postback calls were sent from Advertiser.
Customizable Design Movable widgets can be arranged according to user's preference.
Customizable Skin User can customize their UI with different skins to match user's preference.
Default Ad Setup Set up default ads with Network's banners. Default banners will show when the Network does not have any campaigns that match the traffic.
Customizable Email Template Customize the Network's email content such as new client welcome email, email verification, etc.
Customizable Domains Option to set ad serving domains and Client area website address.
Robust Cluster Architecture (able to serve billions of impressions per month) MyAdMarket is hosted on multiple high performance servers with redundancy and spare capacity at each level that guarantees server uptimes, even with mass amount of incoming traffic.
Fast & Reliable Ad Server MyAdMarket is built on cloud servers, which allows us to dynamically scale our servers up and down on demand to guarantee uptime service.
Recent Login Log Able to monitor Advertisers and Affiliates recent login history. Anti-fraud feature: Detect recent users who had logged in from the same IP.
Account Manager Assigning Able to assign accounts to particular account manager.
Individual login for Advertiser and Affiliates Ad Serving's Advertisers and Affiliates would have access to their own account to update/review campaign/site details, reporting, and billing information.
Campaign Management Access to Campaign level to adjust/update campaign settings, description, and terms.
Ad Zones Management Access to manage Publisher's Ad Zones, to target specific or all campaigns.
Media Library Images and Creatives can be hosted on MyAdMarket.
Affiliate Payout Rate, Cycle Option to manually update individual Affiliates account's payout percentage, pay cycle, net pay day, and referral rate.
Date/Time Expiration Campaigns can be pre-scheduled with start and end dates.
CPV IP Unique View Unique IP cap by the View per campaign.
CPV IP Unique View Unique IP cap by the Click per campaign.
CPL IP Unique Lead Unique IP cap by the Lead per campaign.
CPA IP Unique Action Unique IP cap by the Action per campaign.
Affiliate Category Targeting Option to target or untarget particular affiliate category to campaign.
Category Separation Separate campaigns into different category for grouping and allow affiliates to easily search type of campaigns that they want.
Incent/Non-incent Separation Option to set campaign as incent or non-incent, and match with incent or non-incent traffic source.
Private Campaign Option to set campaign as private so it would not show in affiliate's marketplace and run privately to approved traffic sources.
Adutl/Non-adult option Option to allow adult or non-adult traffic to campaign.
Pricing Model Option for site to run particular cost metric.
Incent/non-incent Separation Categorize traffic source as incent or non-incent to match incent or non-incent campaign.
Category Separation Place site into category to match with campaign targeted category.
Adult/Non-adult Option for site to run adult or non-adult ads.
Single/Multiple Domain Targeting Control over traffic source's ad codes can be used in the specified domain or in multiple domains.
Payment Control Per Conversion Control the approval/denial of conversions. Also have control over whether to allow the release of funds or withhold the funds.
Advertiser Funds Management Manage, transfer funds to advertisers if advertiser have multiple accounts, and add net funds.
Affiliate Payment Management Manage publisher payment, and view if they have reached the minimum payment threshold and payment cycle.
Advertiser Payment History View complete Advertiser payment history at all times.
Affiliate Payment History View complete Publisher payment history at all times.
Advertiser Growth Chart View the Network's summary of advertisers growth by day, week, or month.
Geographical Traffic Summary View the Network's traffic summary in geographical relevance by day, week, or month.
New Campaign Growth Chart View the Network's summary of new campaigns by day, week, or month.
Pending Creatives Summary Summary of Network's pending creatives waiting for approval.
Slow Campaigns Summary Summary of Network's campaigns that are active but received low volume of traffic within the last 24 hours.
Traffic Stopped Summary Summary of Network's sites that have stopped sending traffic in the past 24 hours.
Top 10 Earning Sites Summary Summary of Network's top earning sites.
Top 10 Spending Campaigns Summary Summary of Network's top spending campaigns.
Top 10 Non-Spending Advertisers Summary Summary of Network's Advertiser with lots of funds in their account but not spending.
Top 10 Low Earning Affiliates With High Traffic Summary Summary of Network's Affiliates with high traffic volume but low earnings.
Low Balance Campaigns in the Next 2 Days Summary Summary of Network's campaigns that will run low balance in the next 2 days.
Campaigns with Increased Spending/Conversions Summary Summary of Network's campaigns with increased spending or conversions in a short period of time.
Track Views/Clicks/Conversions The number of views/impressions and the number of clicks and conversions, are tracked and reported in MyAdMarket.
Download Report All reports are exportable to excel or CSV files.
Spending Report Spending reports for advertiser or campaigns with full history.
Campaign Traffic Report View campaign's traffic details in date/range.
Advertiser Traffic Report View advertiser's traffic details in date/range.
Campaign Conversion Report View full conversion history of campaign.
Hourly Traffic Report View Network's hourly traffic summary.
Daily Traffic Report View Network's daily traffic summary.
Affiliate Traffic Report View affiliates traffic details in date/range.
Site Report View site's traffic details in date/range.
Ad Media Exchange Connect with 3rd party Ad Buyers and Sellers to exchange offers/traffic.
Third Party Integration Connect with another Network on different platforms to add new offers with precoded APIs.
API Connect with MyAdMarket through API.
Traffic Quality Examination Built-in large database of audited and scored traffic with the platform to audit traffic.
CPM Cost Per Thousand.
CPC Cost Per Click.
CPV Cost Per View.
CPL Cost Per Lead.
CPA Cost Per Action.
CPI Cost Per Interstitial.