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Effectively monetize your unique content and audiences

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monetize your unique content and audiences

MyAdMarket for Publishers & App Developers

MyAdMarket allows publishers and developers to effectively run a dynamic ad management business and monetize their unique content and audiences. MyAdMarket's new user interface is easy-to-use, while also providing scalable workflow to professionally manage a growing, more dynamic advertising businesses.

Publisher Challenges

Nowadays, publishers with large traffic, or app developers with a large number of users, want to work with their own advertisers. However, they don't have a place for advertisers to setup campaigns and display reports. As a result, they rely on other Ad Serving.

Solution for Publishers & App Developers

Solution for Publishers & App Developers

MyAdMarket is optimized for the needs of publishers that have growing inventory, a growing advertiser base, and an urgent need for efficient ad inventory management.

Why Publishers Prefer MyAdMarket

Self Serve Module

Self-Serve Module

Ad Exchange

Ad Exchange

Ad Format

Ad Formats

Self Serve Module

Self-Serve Module

Our Self Service advertising system plugs right into your site and lets you sell advertising to your users.

Ad Exchange

With our Ad Marketplace, you can sell your traffic at your own price.

Ad Exchange
ad formart

Ad Format

MyAdMarket has a large variety of ad formats that publishers can offer to their clients.

What Key Features Do MyAdMarket Publishers Use?

Mutable member area interface

Customize your own interface for your advertisers


Provide more targeting (ISP/Geo/Channel)


Manage and control an unlimited number of advertisers on a single platform

Tag Management

Easily control and manage all 3rd-party ad tags on your own

Security for Your Brand

All campaigns are scanned through themediatrust; all campaigns are scanned before they go public.

Traffic Score

Traffic quality is calculated by data analysis of our own traffic and a 3rd party audit service.

Comprehensive Reports

Get the full picture of all your earning/spending-related activities

Payment Flexibility

Choose your preferred payment method according to your needs

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