Traffic Quality Score Index
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Get updated traffic quality scores for all traffic sources for increased ROI

Traffic Quality Score

Traffic Quality Index

MyAdMarket includes a built-in traffic quality score for all traffic sources that is powered by the most advanced traffic fraud detection engine, and trained on a massive, real-world data sets from advertisers, affiliates, and Ad Serving.

See the TQX of your IP

Site Scores

Sources of traffic are tagged with individual site scores that rank visitors based on their propensity to convert.

Adaptive Intelligence

Programmed with the capability to adjust rules and thresholds in producing the TQX to better reflect conversions for each client.

Block Lists

Block the zero-value "visitors" from campaigns. These visitors include known offenders, data centers, known bots, spiders and crawlers.

Tag Scan

Automated monitoring of all ad creatives identifies malicious code and ensures your security.


Our web-based reporting interface means you can receive actionable insights from any workstation.

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